This is an exceptional venture from the workers and volunteers at Nari Jibon. Nari Jibon is an organization that tries to help the women to use technology not only to improve their life style but also earn a living.  However, training a student is one thing and helping them to compete and survive in the job market is completely a different ballgame altogether.  That is why we have decided to publish this Internet based magazine.  This magazine will be mainly run by the workers and students of Nari Jibon. By working in the magazine, the students will be able to have practical experience of running a project while at the same time; it can be a good source of showcasing their talents and skills to the outside world.  Finally, we believe that this magazine will help the readers to get information and entertainment. 

This is the first issue of the magazine. We like to make it mainly as an ICT (information and communication technology) based magazine.  However, occasionally, there will be news and reports from other fields too. The survival of any magazine depends on the interest of the readers.  I invite all of the readers to send me their views and desires about the contents of the magazine.  We will try our best to run the magazine in such a way that the readers can be benefited and entertained.


Nari Jibon Project
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