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Welcome to Nari Jibon’s Online ICT Magazine!

We are very excited to launch this new project, an online magazine produced by our very own staff and students. The Nari Jibon (Women’s Lives) Project, located in Dhaka, Bangladesh, is a training center that gives women workers training and learning opportunities that will help them to succeed in today’s work and business world. Our integrated English/Computers/Office Work curriculum uses projects like this magazine to allow our students to develop their skills in a practical and “hands-on” manner. We also offer a Bangla/Tailoring/Business certificate that promotes business development and skills. Our students have made great strides in their studies, and we are proud of them. We hope that this online magazine will give our students a voice loud enough to be heard around the world.

Bangladesh has made some incredible advances in the past decade. One of the great success stories is that of Grameen Phone, and the impact that mobile telephone technology has had on rural women’s lives. At Nari Jibon, we believe that mobile phones are only the beginning, and that soon, computers and the Internet will be available in the rural villages of Bangladesh. We want to prepare our women students to be industry leaders in information technology. Our students are learning to use the Internet and other technological tools to produce, communicate and process information. Women who complete basic English courses and able to read and write at a proficient level are studying digital photography, graphics, MS Office, and other programs that will enable them to become productive members of the workforce and offices. Other women are learning about hardware and how to rebuild computers from parts, surely a useful skill as computers become more prominent in Bangladesh and South Asia. We offer a well-equipped computer-multimedia lab and a separate women only cyber café where women can practice their skills in computers, internet & email, graphics, and photography in a safe and secure space.

As the women learn more about technology, its role in Bangladesh and the world, and how women are an integral part of the technology field, they will work to present their findings in this forum. In this issue, we look forward to learning about the IT sector in Bangladesh, prominent Bangladeshi computer scientists, how women are using the internet to network, and what kinds of technology jobs are available. We will also be exhibiting some digital photography and artwork.

Enjoy the magazine, and spread the word. Nari Jibon students are speaking to anyone who will listen!


Dr. Kathryn B. Ward, Executive Director, Nari Jibon and Shakti Kumari Trust
Ms. Katie Zaman, Trustee, Shakti Kumari Trust, Founder-Nani.


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