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Mafiya former (LPC-Work Study) tailoring student

After completing tailoring and Bangla courses from Nari Jibon organization, Mafia set up a home based tailoring business with here her one elder sister. They were making dresses, collecting dress making orders from their neighboring people. But in last August 07, Mafia and her elder sister contracted with a famous Panjabi factory. They only stitch these Panjabies and receive 20 taka per panjabi. They can complete sewing at least 15 to 20 panjabis per day beside Mafia’s garment job. Now they are going on well.

Mafia was a student of Nari Jibon organization. She is 20 years old. She could not study at her early life due to poverty. She lost her father at her childhood. Her mother and elder sister somehow used to maintain their family. Her mother worked as housemaid and one of her elder sister worked in a garment factory. She grew up in very difficulties due to scarcity of money. She had to also work in the garment factory at her early life as a helper. Once she was fired from the garment factory due to young age. One of her elder sister who maintained their family fell in sick and gave up working in the garment factory. Then Mafia joined in a garment factory again and her younger brother joined in a grocery shop as a salesman. But she did not get promotion as she was illiterate. Their family used to depend on her and her younger brother’s small income. Her mother also became sick and weak. Later her elder sister started to work in a tailoring shop. Her elder sister is an expert tailoring master but she can not work long time at a stretch due to her sickness. Mafia and her younger brother were maintaining their family in very difficulties. Mafia’s elder sister heard about Nari Jibon organization from a field worker of Nari Jibon and she sent Mafia to the Nari Jibon office. After visiting Nari Jibon office Mafia was interested to learn Bangla and tailoring courses from Nari Jibon organization. But it was difficult to take these classes from Nari Jibon office instead of earning money. She informed her situation and expectation to the Chairman (Dr. KBW) of Nari Jibon organization, who had seen Mafia coming to the office during her lunch break in the garment factory to study Bangla. Then Mafia got a great chance to take skills from Nari Jibon organization. She used to receive 3700 per month and she used to learn and Bangla and tailoring skills from Nari Jibon organization without any charges. Mafia got scope to learn skills and received money for 9 months. In this period she completed Bangla and Tailoring courses. As she had to pass whole office time in the training centre, she got more time to learn these skills. After completing her course and she was able to read and write Bangla, some easy math and English. She was also able to sew various kinds of three pieces, kid’s dresses, women dresses, fotua, Panjabi etc.

Mafia was also able to save some money when she was receiving money from Nari Jibon office. She also received a sewing foot machine and some money to set up home based tailoring business. She bought an electric/ plain sewing machine for her younger sister. After completing her course from Nari Jibon office, she set up home based tailoring business with her elder sister. But it was not easy task to earn more running home based tailoring business. Then she went to take a job in a garment factory. This time she got easily a job in a garment factory as an operator as she was not an illiterate anymore. And her salary was held 2500 taka excluding overtime money. Last month she earned 4000 taka including over time money. After completing her course at Nari Jibon, Mafia got married with a young man who is working in a marketing company as a salesman. But still now she is living with her birth family. Mafia is very grateful to Nari Jibon office as she was much helped to change her life.


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