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Masuma Akter former (LPC-Work Study) tailoring student

I am Masuma Akter and I am 24 years old. I am married and living separately from my husband as my husband left me and living with another wife. I used to work in the garment factory, but I had to give up working due to pregnancy and new born child. My husband left me after taking large business loan with interest from my relative. I had to rejoin in the garment factory keeping my new born child with my mother. I faced problem in the garment factory as I had to work in the garment factory from 8.00 am in the morning to till 8.00 pm at night.

I heard about Nari Jibon organization from a field worker of Nari Jibon who also was a garment worker. Nari Jibon provides skills to women. I was illiterate and interested to take tailoring course because I wanted to run home based tailoring business as I needed to give more time with my child. I started to take skill from Nari Jibon during off days from my garment factory. But it was difficult to me to continue working garment job and taking class at Nari Jibon. I told my situation and business plan to the Nari Jibon authority.

Nari Jibon selected her to learn as LPC (work-study) student with stipend. She gave up working in the garment factory as she got a great scope to learn skill at Nari Jibon office. She used to receive 3700 taka every month beside her tailoring classes at Nari Jibon. She completed Bengali and Tailoring courses. After completing her courses she was able to read and write in Bengali and she could make 32 tailoring items.

Her future plan was to start home based tailoring business but she was unable to implement her future plan. After she completed her courses, Nari Jibon gave her a new sewing machine and 5000 taka to implement her written plan. She started home based tailoring business for three months successfully. She had some money problem, which was created by her husband before and she had to repay some loan of her husband. She failed to continue her tailoring business.

She took job in the garment factory again. Before she worked in the garment factory as an illiterate girl, but after taking Bangla classes from Nari Jibon she became literate and took a better job. At present she can earn about 4000 taka (2600 + over time) from the garment factory and still now she is also running her home based tailoring business and she can earn 500 taka to 800 taka per month. She collects order and works at night after returning from her garment factory and during off days. Now she is thinking that she will work in the garment factory and she will save a good amount of money. In future she will set up a tailoring business adjacent her house as she wants to give more time to her son. She is thinking as she is known to many people as an expert tailoring master that she will succeed in future.


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