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Nari Cyber Café
404/B (3rd floor, west) Malibag Chowdhury Para
Tel: 880-2-825-3637 (land) (Bangladesh)

We have established and maintaining a Nari Cyber café to serve the nation and to fulfill the objectives of Nari Jibon Project (part of the Shakti Kumari Trust). We found that there is no Cyber Café in the city where women can work safely to build up their careers. We provide safe and low priced services for women and to further their computer education. We seek to generate some employment and income for the welfare of the Trust, a non profit organization. Nari Cyber Café is only for women.

We would like to provide the following services in the Nari Cyber Café in a safe and respectful setting:
  • Internet browsing (Mail checking, browsing and downloading)
  • Composition, accounts, database, and graphics programs
  • Compose
  • Printing
  • CD writing
  • DVD playing
  • Voice chat

Nari Jibon Development Foundation, 404/B (3rd floor) Malibag Chowdhurypara, Dhaka-1219, Office Telephone: 880-2-825-3637, Mobile: 01819414949.