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Research Section

The Research Cell provides the following services:
  • Provides one-stop service for international standard data collection, cleaning, input (cleaning), and analysis services for small to large surveys on sociological, demographic, gender and other topics.
  • Provides qualitative data collection and analyses through case studies, life and oral histories, focus groups
  • Researchers, supervisors, and fieldworker staff experienced in international standard research methodology (English-Bengali), survey, interview guide construction, case studies, interviews for one time/off to longitudinal surveys and with Bangladeshi or international researchers---short and long-term research projects. Also special services such as translation, logistics, research guides and advisors for foreigners, graduate students, fellowship holders, and others on short term visits or projects.
  • Research processes supervised by Dr. Kathryn B. Ward USA, experienced researcher-sociologist-methodologist in surveys and qualitative research on women workers, domestic violence, and related issues in Bangladesh and other locations. Her CV is available on request (
  • To implement any foreign/local funded projects, we have the following facilities:
  1. Fully furnished office
  2. Equipment (computers, printers, scanner, broadband internet etc).
  3. Senior Researchers (who are skilled in preparing project proposal, report writing and, maintaining liaison with donors)
  4. Statistical fellow
  5. Soft and hardware engineer
  6. Research officers/ Supervisors
  7. Field workers
  8. Data entry operators and also document management/scanning

For more information on services and fees:
Tel: 880-2-825-3637 (land) (Bangladesh);
Kathryn Ward, (USA)

Nari Jibon Research Cell History

Our experienced Research Cell staff members have previously implemented a two year longitudinal project [2003-2005] between SIU-IUB (Southern Illinois University, USA and Independent University of Bangladesh). This project was collaborative Research on Economic Restructuring, Women’s Work, and Empowerment in Bangladesh, but staff and data are now housed at the Nari Jibon office in Malibagh as of January 2006. This is was the first longitudinal survey of its kind on women workers, empowerment, and socio-economic conditions. We prepared questionnaire for different waves following the project objectives of tracing the effects of global restructuring and the end of the Multifibre Agreement on women workers in Dhaka. We conducted eight field surveys; the research cell staff kept track of 270 women workers for two years. We conducted their focus group discussions and took in-depth interview for case studies. Research Cell field workers have written case studies of 294 respondents of different profession (69 sex worker, 75 garment workers, 75 domestic workers and 75 Housewives), which reflects all their information from birth to till last interview. We collected the information on their job histories and shifts, which have affected their economical conditions, empowerment, decision making power in the family, and their mobility. We collected information on health and family planning, information on some demographic vital events like; birth, death, migration in, migration out etc. We collected the information on domestic violence, violence at work place, eve-teasing by men, harassment etc. We collected the information on the women’s knowledge of the Multifibre Agreement and impact of the MFA on garment work and economic opportunities. After conducting each survey we prepared code books, completed editing & coding, and then entered the data. Our statistician merged the data. We are currently analyzing these data.

Our PI Prof. Kathryn B. Ward (Prof. of Sociology and Women Studies, Southern Illinois University at Carbondale USA.) has presented these data at the American Cultural Centre, Southern Illinois University, University of Illinois, St. Mary’s College in Maryland, and at professional meetings of the American Sociological Association, Midwest Sociological Society, and International Sociological Association. She has held Senior Fellowships from American Institute of Bangladesh Studies and Fulbright Association. She has also supervised a group of graduate students and their research in Bangladesh through a grant from Research Institute for the Study of Man and grants from ALO/USAID and National Science Foundation. She has also supervised students’ master’s papers and dissertations based on this research. She has spent extended research time in Bangladesh during her six trips since 2000 conducting research on women’s income generating strategies during global restructuring in Dhaka and domestic violence. She continues her research via trips to Bangladesh, internet, and phone.

Research cell staff (including Rifat Akhter and A.K.M Saiful Islam) have also participated in Ward’s other research and survey on Knowledge, Attitudes, and Practice on domestic violence in Bangladesh (reports available from and developed the first pamphlet of resources on domestic violence (in Bangla and English). These pamphlets can be downloaded from along with USA resources for Asian Women dealing with domestic violence. These pamphlets are also available in the Nari Jibon office.

Selected Publications or Presentations on Nari Jibon & Bangladesh Research Perspectives Research Magazine on Domestic Violence website:
Nari Jibon website:
Ward, Kathryn B., Fahmida Rahman, A.K.M. Saiful Islam, Rifat Akhter, and Nashid Kamal. "The Effects of Global Economic Restructuring on Urban Women’s Work and Income-Generating Strategies in Dhaka, Bangladesh." Critical Sociology 30:1-40. 2004
Pyle, Jean L. and Kathryn B.Ward. “Recasting our Understanding of Gender and Work During Global Restructuring." International Sociology 18:461-489. 2003
Kathryn B. Ward, Rifat Akhter, Kazi Rafiq Islam, and Md. Abdul Ahsan “Who’s Afraid of the MFA? Women’s multiple income-generating strategies, Dhaka, Bangladesh.” Paper to be presented at the annual meetings of the American Sociological Association, Montreal, Canada, August (early versions presented as Fulbright presentations in Dhaka and U.S.)
Kathryn B. Ward, Rifat Akhter, and Saif Islam, “Women Workers and Violence Against Women in Dhaka, Bangladesh: A Longitudinal Study.” Paper to be presented at the meetings of the International Sociological Association, Durban, South Africa, July. 2006

Akhter, Rifat, Saiful Islam and Kathryn B. Ward, 2005. Assessment of Knowledge, Attitudes and Practices of Domestic Violence Against Women in Dhaka, Bangladesh: Quantitative and Qualitative Perspective. Paper presented at Midwest Sociological Society, Minneapolis MN on April 2005

Akhter, Rifat, Saiful Islam and Kathryn B. Ward 2005. “Knowledge, Attitude, and Practices of Domestic Violence Against Women in Bangladesh.” Paper presented at American Sociological Association, Philadelphia on August 2005

Akhter, Rifat and Kathryn Ward, “Knowledge, Attitude and Practice towards Domestic Violence: Listening to Bangladeshi Women’s Voices. Paper presented at the meetings of the American Sociological Association. San Francisco, CA.

Nari Jibon Development Foundation, 404/B (3rd floor) Malibag Chowdhurypara, Dhaka-1219, Office Telephone: 880-2-825-3637, Mobile: 01819414949.