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Ruby Rahman

Ruby Rahman (36) runs a handicrafts business. After the death of her husband she is running her business seriously. Now she has rented two roomed float at Malibagh chowdhurypara for their accommodation and factory. She appointed four young girls as her factory workers. She collected them from their village. She gives them training on handicrafts. She also provides them food, clothes and accommodation facilities at her own house e factory. These girls also can earn some money and they can send to their village. Their income depends on their production. Ruby Rahman and one of her sister in low named Poly (who also a student of Nari Jibon) jointly runs their business. They make mainly bags and show pieces by the clothes/threads and skin. At the beginning time she and her sister in low used to make bags for their known persons and that was very little. But after the death of her husband she expanded her business. Now they are supplying their production to the famous shops and markets in Dhaka city. Their latest production is mobile phone bag which have very demand in the market. Recently they are supplying their production in the Baily Road’s shops which are luxurious shops in Dhaka city. Ruby Rahman informed that they can earn average Tk. 12000 every month excluding expenditures. Ruby Rahman and Poly don’t spend their profits as they are increasing their cash. They have planned that in future they will rent or buy a large showroom in the busy market area.

Ruby rahman lost her husband last year (2006). Her husband was a govt. service holder and then she worked mere a housewife. She gave birth to a daughter (16) and a son (12). Her daughter got married when her daughter was reading in class-9 and then she was only about 12/13 years old. Ruby Rahman learned handicrafts skills from Jatiya Mohila Sangasta with her sister in law. Then she had no plan but she used to make bags with her sister in law for their relatives, neighboring women and some known persons. In the meantime she took admission at Nari Jibon where her sister in law was taking skills on Computer, English and Business management. She took admission to take skills on English and Business Management courses. Ruby Rahman studied up to class-10. Lack of practice she was very weak in English. She learned English about five months regularly and besides she participated in Business management classes. She was taking these two courses same time. At the end of these two courses her husband had died and then she could not continue study. But she informed that she learned many things from Nari Jibon office and mainly she was motivated to run her business. She learned how to develop business, keeping documentation, justifying customer’s demands, supply, market analysis etc. Almost same time she used to sell her products among the students of Nari Jibon. At the beginning she started her business as her hobby. But at the departure of her husband she felt necessary to earn money. Now she and her sister in law are working hard for marketing their goods. Now they are maintaining their family smoothly and they are satisfied with their business income.

Click here to see video which has been taken from their working place and house


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