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I am Masuma Akter and I am 24 years old. I am married and living separately from my husband as my husband left me and living with another wife. I used to work in the garment factory, but I had to give up working due to pregnancy and new born child. My husband left me after taking large business loan with interest from my relative. I had to rejoin in the garment factory keeping my new born child with my mother. I faced problem in the garment factory..... more
Masuma Akter,LPC    
I am Marry Marak. I am 23 years old. I have studied up to class-10. I appeared in the SSC examination but I could not pass in the SSC examination as I was weak in English. I am youngest child of my birth family among four sisters. I was living with two elder sisters and one niece in Dhaka. After coming to Dhaka I took training on Beauty parlor and before coming to Nari Jibon....more
Marry Marak    
I am Afsana Pervin and I am about 30 years old. I studied up to class-12. I am married and I have two sons. My elder son is 9 years old and younger son is 7 years old. Now they are reading in the school. I was working as mere a housewife before coming at Nari Jibon organization. I came at Nari Jibon organization to see its sign board. I was interested to....more
Afsana Pervin    
After completing tailoring and Bangla courses from Nari Jibon organization, Mafia set up a home based tailoring business with here her one elder sister. They were making dresses, collecting dress making orders from their neighboring people. But in last August 07, Mafia and her elder sister contracted with a famous Panjabi factory. They only.... more
Ruby Rahman (36) runs a handicrafts business. After the death of her husband she is running her business seriously. Now she has rented two roomed float at Malibagh chowdhurypara for their accommodation and factory. She appointed four young girls as her factory workers. She collected them from their village. She gives them training on handicrafts. She also provides them food, clothes and.....more
Ruby Rahman    
I am Asma Akter, aged 16. Now I am running a home based tailoring business and recently I have started Tailoring training centre at my house. I can make various designs three pieces, pillow covers, window covers, blouse, petty coat, fotua Panjabi, various kinds of kids’ dresses, male shirts and shorts etc. I can also teach sewing and cutting clothes to make above mentioned dresses. At present I am teaching 5 students. Actually my present students are.... more  
Asma Akter    
Sweety started home based tailoring business at the end of her course duration of Nari Jibon. Last July’08 she earned 800 taka from her home based tailoring business. Sweety completed ‘Tailoring Cutting and Sewing Master Course’ from Nari Jibon recently. She learned there 34 tailoring items successfully. Now she can....more  
Papia Akter is about 23 years old. She could not read or write though she went to the school about one year at her childhood. She worked in the garment factories more than ten years. Due to being pregnant she gave up working in the garment factory at the beginning of 2005. Papia and her husband were not agreed.....more  
Papia Akter    


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